Chet Hanson is a practical dreamer.First he was a singer, then a soldier, then a singer again until he had to make a choice between a career as a performer or keep his family - he chose the latter.
     At 29 years of age the only real job experience he had was soldiering and singing. He went with the only thing he knew well and started a talent agency that grew into the seventh largest at that time.     
     Representing artists in the field of comedy like Steve Martin, George Carlin and Father Guido Sarducci (Saturday Night Live fame) and singer/songwriters like Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Hoyt Axton,John Prine, Steve Goodman, Mac MacAnally, Kenny Rankin and Jerry Jeff Walker gave him a decade of fullfillment. About ten years is the extent of his enchantment with anything.
     Since then he has founded or co-founded a half dozen companies in a variety of disciplines.  Not one to be motivated as much by money as by the adventure of creating he followed his passions.
     Chet was either retired or waiting for the next thing to get passionate about when he rediscovered his love of writing and storytelling.
      There are links to samples that you might enjoy. If you have a book, a film or a commercial with a story that needs to be told ... You might want to offer it to PapaChet-StoryTeller.

     Depending on your budget there is a state of the art recording studio available or for most things it might make more economic sense to produce them in his home studio.